Chocolateros lamentan muerte de periodista Rosanna Di Turi

Rosanna DiTuri

The Venezuelan communicator supported small and large cocoa and chocolate entrepreneurs in the country with her writings.

Chocolatiers and chocolatiers in the country lamented through their social networks the death of the journalist specialized in gastronomy Rosanna Di Turi.

"We will miss your texts full of affection," wrote the Barlovento chocolate company Mis Poemas, directed by master chocolatier Amanda González, in its story on its Instagram social network account @chocolatemispoemas.

Di Turi, who died on July 20 after years of fighting cancer, linked his career as a journalist with gastronomy.

He published several books, including ABC del Vino, El Legado de Don Armando and Ron de Venezuela.

The chocolate brand Cacao de Origen said goodbye to Di Turi on its Instagram social network account @cacaodeorigen, remembering her as "in love with our cocoas and an unconditional ally of Venezuelan chocolatiers."

"Rosanna dedicated her pen to making visible what is truly important in the profession of many, the same for professionals with extensive experience as well as for artisans and entrepreneurs," highlighted the chocolate house run by businesswoman and chocolatier María Fernanda Di Giacobbe.

"That was the beauty of Rosanna's work, the wide arc she traveled as she wrote to make us happy and show us her admiration for those who were doing it right."

Meanwhile, the Valles de Canoabo chocolate brand fired her on her Instagram social network account @chocolatecanoabo with respectful and loving thanks.

“He always celebrated our achievements and eagerly communicated the benefits of Canoabo cocoa, we will always be grateful to him.”

Graduated from the School of Social Communication of the Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB), Di Turi was one of the founders of the El Nacional magazine Todo en Domingo, where he began his path that defined his vocation, gastronomy.

Her last materialized project was as editor of the portal Gastronomy in Venezuela.

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