Venezuelan chocolatiers shine in Italy with Chuao cocoa and Porcelana

Aroko Chocolate

The founders of the Italian-based bean to bar chocolate brand, Aroko, have received accolades in Italy and Europe.

With little time in the chocolate market in Italy, the founders of the bean to bar brand Aroko have obtained important recognitions for their bars made with Chuao and Porcelana cocoa.

“We feel very honored to have been awarded by the International Chocolate Awards in the 2023 edition of Chocolate Bean to bar Europe Italy and Mediterranean in the Micro batch Plain Dark chocolate category. We received 3 awards”, this chocolate house created by two young Venezuelans published on its Instagram account.

In this renowned regional competition, this brand obtained Italian Gold for its Chuao 70% tablet Aragua, Venezuela; European Silver for its tablet Chuao 70% Aragua, Venezuela; and European Silver for its 72% Porcelain tablet Sierra de Perijá, Venezuela.

Months before, the founders of Aroko were recognized with the "Emerging Chocolatero 2023" award during the Taste 16 event held in Florence, Italy, in addition to being among the best Single Origin Dark Chocolates (11 among a selection of more than 1200 bars) with the 72% Sierra de Perijá porcelain bar.

"For us, the first goal of this long journey in the bean-to-bar sector that encourages us to continue is to discover the diversity of our Venezuelan cocoa, the most precious and rare cocoa in the world," they posted on their Instagram account.

Aroko Chocolate

Aroko Chocolate, whose name taken from the Chaima indigenous language means plume or crown of feathers, is an Italian company with Venezuelan talent that produces bean-to-bar chocolate with Venezuelan cacao.

According to the portal websites From this company, Aroko was born from the desire of its founders, the Venezuelan couple Dubraska and Johonny, to make the Italian and European public aware of all the quality of Venezuelan cocoa and the products that can be obtained from it.

The products that Aroko has developed up to now have featured the Porcelain and Chuao varieties.

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