Chocolates Canoabo released a new candy-flavored tablet

Cocoa Canoabo

This recent creation is called Barra Gold because of the golden color that results from the mixture of chocolate and caramel.

The Canoabo chocolate house released a new chocolate bar to delight its most loyal fans, the Gold Bar, named for the golden color that results from the mixture of chocolate and caramel, the main ingredients of this new creation.

“Our Chocolate Valle Canoabo team continues to innovate, we have new news for you. And it is that from today you will get this new premium bar in our stores. ⁣ You can't stop trying it!”, published the chocolate shop on its Instagram account @bombonvallecanoabo.

This tablet joins the famous Canoabo 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar, winner of a special mention in the National Chocolate Contest, and those intervened such as almonds, crunch, sea salt, macadamia, cookies and cream, choco blend, grains of coffee, nibs and himalayan salt.

And to its delicious and varied chocolates, of which the hazelnut cream fillings, white chocolate cream, cardamom ganache, blackberries from Colonia Tovar and white chocolate ganache with limoncello stand out.

In the shops of this chocolate factory you can also find white and dark chocolate creams, hot chocolate for a cup, chocolate-covered peanut bars, alfajores and cakes.

Canoabo Valley Chocolate

The Valle Canoabo chocolate factory, located in the Hacienda San Cayetano, in the Carabobo town of Canoabo, was founded by Luis Morales, of Chilean origin, who decided to make a life in the Venezuelan countryside betting on producing one of the best cocoas in the world.

The Hacienda San Cayetano, which has a little more than 8 hectares, in addition to housing the Valle Canoabo chocolate factory, which produces bars and chocolates from the cocoa plants that are produced in this place, is a place for visits, tours and good food.

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