Chocolates Chapon works with four varieties of Venezuelan cocoa

Chapon Chocolates

This French chocolatier makes its famous bars bean to bar and chocolate mousses with cocoa beans produced in Río Caribe, Chuao, Guasare and Porcelana.

the french chocolatier Capon, run by the French chocolatier Patrice Chapu, and with more than six stores located in Paris and other French cities, makes its famous chocolate bars bean to bar and chocolate mousses (a favorite French dessert) with the best seeds of cacao Venezuelan produced in various cocoa areas of our country.

Chocolates Chapon has six stores in France.

In his line of chocolate bars made using the seed-to-bar method, Chapon works with a variety of cocoa beans obtained in different parts of the world, but the ones most in demand by his clientele are those made with Venezuelan beans from Río Caribe, Chuao, Guasare and Porcelain.

Cocoa from Río Caribe is one of those used in Chocolatería Chapón for its bean-to-bar tablets.
Chapon has traveled to Venezuela many times to purchase his own cocoa beans.

Tablets bean to bar Chapon made with Venezuelan cocoa

The Chapon 100% cocoa chocolate bar Rio Caribe, Venezuela It is produced with seeds of this fruit grown in the Río Caribe area, in the state of Sucre, which stand out for their balanced, classic and surprising notes of vanilla, without containing this ingredient.

With this cocoa an aromatic power is achieved with low acidity, bitterness and medium astringency, also revealing notes of nuts and wood. This 75-gram tablet has in France a value of 9 euros.

Tablet Venezuela Caribbean River.

The Chapon tablet of pure dark chocolate wow It is made with seeds of this fruit grown in the area of wow, in the state of Aragua, which stand out for their aromas of red fruits, lively, slightly acidic.

With this cocoa, aromatic perfection is achieved with notes of hazelnuts, subtly spicy and a bitterness of red fruits. It is long on the palate, its fragrance mixes notes of dried figs and citrus.

This grain of the rare and preserved “Criollo” variety is a Grand Cru. The 75-gram tablet has a value of 8.80 euros.

Chapon's Venezuela Chuao tablet.
The first cocoa zone in Venezuela that Chapon visited was Chuao.

While the dark chocolate Chapon bitter 75% pure origin Venezuelan Porcelain It is made with seeds of this fruit grown in the area of ​​the Sur del Lago, a territory that includes part of the states of Zulia, Mérida, Táchira and Trujillo, and that stand out for their fruity and floral notes.

Porcelana cocoa is one of the finest in the world.

Chapon's chocolate mousses

This chocolate shop is famous for its mousse bar where you can choose between five chocolate origins depending on the harvest: Ecuador, Madagascar, Venezuela and Equagha (a mixture of cocoa from Peru and Venezuela).

The mousse is the favorite dessert of the French.

The chocolate mousse from Venezuela stands out for its very beautiful mahogany color, smell of undergrowth, dead leaves in autumn, melting texture, flavor of berries and red berries.

The three cocoa mousses from Venezuela are prepared with a chocolate composed of 75 to 77% cocoa.

They also have the 100% Venezuelan chocolate mousse, which reveals an intense aroma of chocolate with notes of nuts and wood.

The choice of this origin gives it an excellent aromatic power with a medium bitterness and acidity.

This is a Chapon chocolate mousse bar.

These mousses are sold on site or to go, in 150 or 400 gram containers and 100 gram cones, for instant enjoyment.

One of the 25 best chocolatiers

Patrice Chapon was certified in 2019 as one of the 25 best chocolatiers in the world by the Salón del Chocolate.

This experienced chocolatier, who works with the cocoa beans himself, from classification to roasting, travels the world in search of the best cocoa beans, a secret he took from the only chocolatier who decided to share part of his success with him, François Prallus. .

And it is that during his long beginnings as a chocolatier, in which he had to learn everything on his own, Prallus was the only one who opened the doors to Chapon.

This chocolatier took Chapon to Nosy Be Island in Madagascar, a trip that marked the beginning of his cocoa adventure. They also went together to Chuao, in Venezuela, where he discovered an extraordinary cocoa.

Since then, Chapon has bought various varieties of cocoa in Venezuela, Guasare and Porcelana del Sur del Lago, Chuao and Río Caribe, among others.

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