Chocolates from Carabobo starred in a tasting in the heights

Chocolates from Carabobo

Passengers on the Valencia-Panama and Panama-Valencia routes on Sunday, September 11, savored the bars of the Valle Canoabo and 20/20 Carabobo artisanal brands combined with Venezuelan rum.

The dark chocolate bars of the Carabobo artisanal brands 20/20 and Valle Canoabo starred in the first aerial tasting of chocolate and rum held in the country, which was directed by the chocolate specialist and founder of the Valle Canoabo chocolate house, Rodrigo Morales.

“Our Venezuelan products fly high and make history. Today the first Chocolate and Rum Aerial Tasting is taking place, 280 passengers who fly on the Valencia-Panama and Panama-Valencia routes of the Venezuelan airline Turpial Airlines are about to live the experience”, the chocolate house published that day Canoabo on his Instagram account.

And added that his chocolate Canoabo Valley, the brand 20/20 chocolates and the rum of the national company Diplomático are the participants of this tasting in the air.

The Valle Canoabo chocolate bar used for this tasting was 80% cocoa from its San Cayetano hacienda, a dark chocolate without bitterness that obtained a special mentionl in the I National Chocolate Contest; while the 20/20 tablet was the Patanemo 71% cocoa origin, in whose flavors notes of red fruits and cinnamon stand out.

As for the type of rum, an exclusive reserve of the Diplomático national company was chosen, made from sugar cane molasses and distilled in old copper stills and aged in small copper barrels for up to 12 years.

Canoabo Valley

The Valle Canoabo chocolate factory, located in the Hacienda San Cayetano, in the Carabobo town of Canoabo, was founded by Rodrigo Morales, of Chilean origin, who decided to make a life in the Venezuelan countryside betting on producing one of the best cocoas in the world.

The Hacienda San Cayetano, which has a little more than 8 hectares, in addition to housing the Valle Canoabo chocolate factory, which produces bars and chocolates from the cocoa plants that are produced in this place, is a place for visits, tours and good food.


The 20/20 chocolate house makes bean-to-bar chocolate with fruits from the cocoa tree obtained from different plantations of this entity, from Patanemo to Canoabo, and from other states of Venezuela.

It was founded in 2017 by the Estévez family, owner of different farms, such as Luna Clara, in Carabobo, and Las Cocorotas, in Yaracuy, where they plant their own cocoa trees, process the seeds and make their chocolate.

And with just five years in the chocolate market, his work already has several awards; one for their chocolate Cocoa Trincheras 71% with trinidad scorpion chili, grown by themselves, and the most recent for their white chocolate and pachita bars and white chocolate with beet and lemon.

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