Chocolates El Rey launches packaging with images of Venezuela

Chocolates The King

The collection is called Our country is surprising and consists of eight carrés from the Criollo Natural 35,4% cocoa line in an acetate case.

The brand of chocolates with the longest tradition in the country, The King, brought out a line of eight Natural Criollo carrés 35,4% cocoa wrapped in decorative handmade cases with images of Venezuela.

The Coro dunes, the Warairarepano seen from the south of Caracas, Angel Falls, a macaw and the church of the Virgen del Valle are some of the most iconic photographs of our country that decorate this collection.

Chocolates El Rey is a company of products made with cocoa founded in 1929, which introduced in the country the elaboration of tree to bar chocolate tablets with different percentages of cocoa.

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  • Great idea of ​​strengthening the National identity! I love the idea! Congratulations and successes in this new edition

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