Chocolates El Rey and St. Moritz have the NORVEN seal

Chocolates El Rey and St. Moritz

This Venezuelan quality certification will allow these companies to opt for the Country Brand, a distinctive that opens the doors to the export of their products.

More than a dozen products from Chocolates El Rey and Chocolates St. Moritz received the NORVEN brand certification, the highest quality mark in the country awarded by the National Autonomous Service for Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations (Sencamer).

In this way, the Venezuelan State guarantees the quality of the products produced by these chocolate factories and allows them to opt for the Country Brand, a badge that opens the doors to export.

The Skinny St. Moritz.

Twenty of the Chocolates El Rey products received this certification, while in the case of St. Moritz, 39 were distinguished.

"It took us years of work to reach these levels of quality in terms of production, but we are pleased to be able to level up with other companies that have received this distinction," said the president of St. Moritz, Howard Epelbaum, during the award ceremony. this seal made in Caracas, along with other companies in the rum and coffee sector.

While Chocolates El Rey, after receiving the NORVEN certificate, highlighted on its Instagram account @chocolateselrey that it only works with Venezuelan cocoa with a fine aroma and flavor and that its production processes are carried out with advanced technology.

"In general, we keep an eye on each step during the journey from the tree to the tablet," they say.

He added that they regularly participate in national and international certifications, and that they proudly carry the ISO-9000 standard, which is a set of quality control and quality management standards established by the International Organization for Standardization.

A bar of milk chocolate from El Rey.

The NORVEN brand is awarded to those companies that in their production processes meet all the requirements established in the Venezuelan COVENIN Standards.

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