Chocolates India made a drink of oats and cocoa from Chuao

Cocoa Chuao

It was a food formula that came in a box of 20 capsules made for children and seniors called Avena-Cacao Fullié.

"The essential food for children, the elderly and the sick" was the slogan of Avena-Cacao Fullié, a drink made with oats and cocoa from Chuao and Ocumare from La India chocolates, a chocolate brand famous for its bar for cup.

Considered one of its star products, this food formula, produced by the Venezuelan company of Swiss origin, Fullié & Cía, was promoted in the newspapers of the early XNUMXth century, where all its benefits were disclosed.

“It is the best food for sick and healthy and a safe preservative against stomach and intestinal disorders, so frequent and fatal in these tropical countries. It is a product carefully elaborated by means of scientific procedures and that, due to its fortunate combination of the oat flower with our great accredited cocoa from Chuao and Ocumare, has given the best results as a healthy and complete food, which is certified by the recommendations of the best doctors. from Caracas”, he explained in one of his many advertisements that appeared in Cojo Ilustrado.

Oatmeal-Cocoa was sold in boxes of 20 capsules, which resulted in 20 large cups of this drink, and among its benefits, the company explained that it was a complete, easily digestible food for all ages, recommended by "the first physicians of Europe and the Americas in the natural diet of children, nutrition of convalescents, in rickets and anemia, pregnancies and teething and in diarrhea and intestinal affections.

chocolates india

For decades, the chocolate for cups that was drunk in Venezuela was from the La India Chocolate factory, considered for more than a century one of the best in the country and the world. Its recipe was Swiss and its main ingredient: the Venezuelan cocoa.

Founded in 1861 by the Swiss brothers Fullié, this chocolate plant that had several locations in Caracas had from its beginnings with modern machines that gave the chocolate a finer consistency and better flavor, replacing with its presence the traditional way in which the chocolate was presented. chocolate, in a ball made from coarsely ground cocoa.

There were several national and international awards that Chocolate La India, which also exported its products, obtained for years.

In 1913, they added chocolates to their production line that they named Duncan, cocoa and soluble chocolate powder, which they recommended "for all people with weak stomachs and those who, due to the fat they contain, cannot digest chocolate on tablets".

Another attraction of this factory of the Fullié brothers is that it had a cafeteria in Caracas, located between the corners of De Gradilla a Sociedad, and a ladies' room, in which hot chocolate was drunk in a cup prepared with the Swiss and French recipe.

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