Chocolates Lúdico celebrates 5 years with two new dark bars

playful chocolates

The 70% cocoa chocolate bar with orange infusion and the dark one with inclusion of dehydrated chili pepper are the proposals that are added to its line of chocolate products.

The Venezuelan artisan chocolate brand Lúdico launched two new dark chocolate bars to celebrate its five years in the national chocolate market: one 70% cocoa infused with orange and another with inclusion of dehydrated chili pepper.

“These flavors are a creation to accompany an evening of complicity, mischief and play in a romantic encounter! The recommendation is to combine it with a Venezuelan rum or a wine with soft bubbles!", published this chocolate company on its Instagram account.

playful chocolates

Chocolates Lúdico is an artisan chocolate company that began in the national market with a proposal of dark chocolate bonbons with fine aroma cocoa filled with 100% natural Venezuelan Creole sweets.

In its catalog of flavors, the chocolates filled with coconut preserves, guava sandwich, dulce de leche, passion fruit delicacy, golfeado and Tocuyana acemita stand out.

Also, on special dates like Christmas, this chocolate house makes innovative proposals such as chocolates filled with black cake, milky sweet, angel hair, and leche 'e burra (a regional cream punch).

Over time, flavored chocolate bars also began to form part of its product lines, such as milk chocolate with coffee and white chocolate with tangerine.

Likewise, its line of chocolates in the shape of dominoes are also part of the products that characterize this company and, of course, honor its name, Lúdico.

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