Chocolates Picacho brought out original chocolate crayons

Picacho Chocolates

Especially designed for children, these bars can be obtained at the factory-store of this chocolate house located in Galipán.

The Chocolates Picacho chocolate house from Galipa produced some delicious milk chocolate bars in the form of crayons packaged in an original packaging that complements this creative preparation.

“Picacho Chocolate Crayons. Delicious and fun”, this chocolate house wrote on its Instagram account along with the hashtag chocolate for children.

Picacho Chocolates

Chocolates Picacho is an artisan chocolate factory located in the town of Galipán, Waraira Repano National Park, in the state of La Guaira, very close to Caracas, which has become one of the attractions in the area.

The protagonists of this chocolate shop founded in 2007 by the chocolatier Nela Moser are the coffee chocolates, dulce de leche and natural fruits such as passion fruit, lemon, coconut or blackberry.

Also noteworthy are the dried fruit truffles and the Boca e' Tigre nougat, (named after the entrance to the Picacho de Galipán), which contains roasted salted peanuts over melted caramel, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate.

"My husband and I fell in love with this place from the moment we saw it, it is a house full of magical stories where Nela and her people make you live the experience," one of her clients wrote on the Tripadvisor portal.

Many tourists arrive at this site through the tours offered by the Galipan services, and others who arrive on their own, but if they come by car it must be a 4×4, it is delimited on the page.

“A magical place for both children and adults to spend an unforgettable afternoon eating the best chocolate. The owner of the place invites you to meet and taste the chocolates that the goblins make and to spend a lovely afternoon, ”another client wrote on her behalf on the Degusta portal.

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