Trapiche Cacao launches new packaging

Cocoa Mill

This chocolate brand from Tachiro adopted a new image that seeks to reflect the quality of its 100% Venezuelan tree to bar products.

The tachirense chocolate house Sugar Mill Cacao renewed its image with a new packaging that seeks to reflect the quality of its products made with pure tree to bar chocolate.

“Our new presentation represents the entire essence of our chocolate tradition and the passion for making a quality product. We also have a new shape on our tablet that reflects the love we have for our work.

We hope you like this change as much as we do and that you continue to enjoy our chocolates," this artisan chocolate brand wrote on its Instagram account.

And it is that in addition to opening a new packaging, Sugar Mill Cacao made its chocolate bars more attractive with a unique design that highlights its logo, pieces of sugar mills and cocoa leaves and pods.

Cocoa Mill

Trapiche Cacao is a family-owned artisan chocolate company that makes its products with cocoa that grows at Hacienda Rael, in Táchira.

The chocolate from this factory, a venture known as tree to bar, which in its Spanish translation is from the tree to the bar, stands out for its aroma of cocoa and flavor of fresh fruity notes of cocoa that is produced in Tachirense lands.

The color of the final tablets has a lot to do with the area where the plantation is located, with most of its chocolates presenting different shades of brown.

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