Vegan chocolates? know what they are about

Kit Kat, Cadbury, Hershey and Galaxy are some of the best-selling chocolate bars in the world that have launched their own line with exclusive ingredients for vegans

In the enormous chocolate market, there are many large companies that have not hesitated to bring their delicious creations to an increasingly growing group of people who have eliminated animal-derived foods from their diets without sacrificing the creaminess that results from the mixture of milk with cocoa.

Although chocolate is made with a fruit, that of the cocoa plant, which is an ingredient totally suitable for vegans, for the preparation of this food there are many ingredients that can be added and that this group of people cannot eat Among them, the most used for its flavor and creamy result: cow's milk.

Vegan chocolates from Cadbury, Hershey's, KitKat and Galaxy

After much testing, major chocolatiers have recently found that hazelnut, rice, and oat milk give the same creamy, succulent result to the chocolate bar as cow's milk, thereby opening up a market for people who only consume plant-based foods with these bars that we present below:

Cadbury Plant Bar

The transnational Mondelez International, after admitting to having carried out many tests, released its first vegan tablet in the United Kingdom in November 2021 with the recipe of its traditional brand of Cadbury chocolate, but without cow's milk, which they called Cadbury Plant Bar.

This vegan bar made with cocoa, almond paste and rice extract, has two varieties: smooth chocolate and smooth chocolate with salt and caramel.

Hershey's Oat Made

the chocolate company Hershey's In September 2021, they launched their chocolate bar for vegans that they called Oat Made, made from oats in its Spanish translation, due to the type of plant-based milk they used for this recipe.

This bar, which comes in two varieties, the one with extra creamy almonds and sea salt and the classic dark one, is an organic alternative reduced in sugar and free of ingredients of animal origin.

Kit Kat V

The transnational Nestlé released its first 2021% vegan KitKat brand chocolate bar in February 100, which they called KitKat V, and in which they replaced cow's milk with a rice-based formula.

With this bar, which took approximately two years to complete, Nestlé managed to create the alternative to cow's milk chocolate that ensures that it mixes well with the cocoa and sugar to obtain the creamy texture that is so loved.


The chocolate Galaxy, Of the brand Mars, launched in 2019 its line of five tablets in different flavors for vegans: caramel and sea salt, caramelized hazelnut, crumbled biscuit, soft orange and soft blanket.

Instead of cow's milk, all of these Galaxy bars are mixed with smooth and creamy almond paste.

They still haven't arrived in Venezuela

Unfortunately, none of these plant-based milk chocolate bars are available in Venezuela and most other countries in the world.

These alternatives for vegans can only be purchased in very few and exclusive places in the world, and only for a while, so if you manage to find one of these bars, we would not like you to share your experience with us.

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