Chocopito is the Venezuelan chocolate of the Guinness Record

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The cocoa with which this brand of chocolate bars that participated in this world competition is produced is grown in Caripito and has a Protected Geographical Indication.

The more than 4 bars that were used last Sunday, April 17, to make the longest line of chocolate in the world, and with it achieve a fourth Guinness Record in Venezuela with this sweet product made in these lands, are from the Chocopito brand. or Caripito Chocolate.

This bar is produced at the Águeda de Méndez Chocolate and Business School, a private institute for technical and professional training in cocoa processing, chocolate making and entrepreneurship in the sector, located at the headquarters of Fundación Nuestra Tierra, in Caripito. , Bolivar municipality, Monagas.

The name of this brand, whose first edition was baptized on October 1, 2021 (just on National Cocoa Day), with a wrapper designed by the Caripiteño kinetic artist Juvenal Ravelo, is related to the famous Pito of the refinery that worked in Caripito a few years ago and that all Caripiteños remember.

The whistle was an indicator to start the daily days of the Caripiteño, a town that for decades lived on oil, today clings to agriculture, and cocoa is one of its most famous plantations.

Cocoa from Caripito has a Protected Geographical Indication

Chocopito's dark chocolate bars are made with 65% cocoa content from Caripito, which was granted the Protected Geographical Indication certificate by the Autonomous Intellectual Property Service (SAPI).

This protection was given, according to the entity, by the splendid qualities of the cocoa bean produced in the area, where geographic and climatic factors outline the conditions for it to be considered a top quality bean; linked to the fulfillment of the adequate planting, harvesting and post-harvesting processes, and the great reputation demonstrated through documents and its participation in cocoa fairs at a national and international level.

The Protected Geographical Indication is an industrial property figure that protects local products that have an extraordinary quality related to their geographical area.

This title also gives them an added value for marketing, such as guaranteed quality.

To achieve this category, both the geographical area of ​​the product is taken into account, which gives that particular characteristic and flavor, as well as the procedures applied by the producers for its production.

In search of the Denomination of Origin

Caripito cocoa is also in search of the Denomination of Origin certificate, which to date has only been achieved by Chuao cocoa.

The Denomination of Origin is a title of geographical origin that is given to a product of proved quality and unique characteristics.

This certificate distinguishes and protects it from other similar products produced in other regions, which do not maintain the quality and production techniques that make them unique.

The producers who obtain the Denomination of Origin must maintain the original production processes and the quality of the product.

El cacao Caripito is of the Trinitarian type and has been cultivated for more than 300 years on these lands.

It has a fine aroma and contains fruity notes with an accent on banana, walnut and wood. Its level of acidity is medium and bitterness is medium-low.

Appellations of origin are regulated by a series of provisions, regulations, ministerial orders, decrees and Organic Laws. And the Regulatory Councils of each Denomination of Origin are responsible for ensuring compliance with what has been agreed.

The first Denomination of Origin that was given in Venezuela to a cocoa plantation was that of Chuao in the year 2000.

More Guinness Record with cocoa from Caripito

With the cocoa produced in Caripito, Venezuela has achieved three more Guinness records in chocolate, with the largest chocolate coin in 2015, which weighed 847 kilos; the largest tasting in 2016, which brought together 419 tasters; and with the largest mosaic of chocolate bars in 2017, which was 18.56 meters.

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