Cinnarolls and Rikiti de Savoy teamed up for a new flavor


In the Cinnarolls stores in Caracas you can already get these delicious cinnamon rolls covered with peanut chocolate topping.

Savoy Nestlé Venezuela and the Cinnarolls cinnamon roll franchise came together to create a delicious and innovative recipe to close 2022 and enjoy this new year: cinnarolls covered with Rikiti topping (milk chocolate and peanuts).

“The perfect combination DOES EXIST! Try our new Cinnarolls with RIKITI topping and then tell us how you fell in love with this perfect match that we created together with @nestleprofessionalve”, published Cinnarolls on his Instagram account.

“We have great news! An incredible combination has arrived to brighten up all your snacks.

You can already try the new @cinnarollsoficial made with RIKITI®️ in Caracas as of today, soon in the interior”, published the Nestlé Venezuela brand from its Instagram account.

Cinnarolls is a brand of cinnamon rolls created in Barbados that has been marketed in Venezuela as a franchise since 1998.

Its first store was inaugurated that same year in Caracas, in the Sambil Shopping Center, in Chacao.

In its beginnings, this store only offered two specialty cinnamon rolls: Maxirolls and Minirolls.

But over time it has included new flavors and products such as cupcakes, muffins, salty rolls, golf, ham loaves, panettones, cookies, cakes.

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