Cocoa and agave cocui together this weekend in Barquisimeto

I Cocoa and Agave Cocui Festival

Chocolatiers have confirmed their participation in the first edition of this event in which they join two ancient cultures.

This weekend the XNUMXst Cocoa and Agave Cocui Festival will be held on the Central Platform of the Ciudad las Trinitarias Shopping Center, Barquisimeto, Lara state.

This event, the first to be held in the country, will unite two ancestral cultures, the cocoa crop and that of our agave cocui, in different activities: contests, expoentrepreneurships, talks, live classes and cultural events.

Chocolatiers who said present

The chocolate houses Sublime9, Chokchok and the Cacao Guáquira farm are some of those that already said they were present at this festival.

Sublime9 obtained third place in the dark chocolate bars category at the I National Chocolate Contest held during the I Expoferia Cacao y Ron Miranda 2022, held in Caracas in July.

Also, among other producers of agave cocui, there will be those from El Balsamal, whose processor is in Barquisimeto.

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