Cacao de Patanemo seeks Protected Geographical Indication

Cocoa from Patanemo

Until now, this certification issued by SAPI is only held by cocoa from Carenero and Caripito, while the only cocoa with Denomination of Origin in the country is from Chuao.

The cocoa produced in Patanemo is a candidate to obtain the Protected Geographical Indication (IGP), an industrial property certificate that protects local products that have an extraordinary quality related to their geographical area.

This was announced by the Autonomous Service of Intellectual Property, SAPI, after a visit to two cocoa-producing plots in the Patanemo parish of the Puerto Cabello municipality, Carabobo state, after producers formally requested this certification.

According to a press release, servers from the Directorate of Protected Geographical Indications visited some cocoa-producing farms in that region to evaluate the crop management processes and cocoa post-harvest activities, in addition to giving a workshop on the procedure for preparing cocoa. regulation of use and the conformation of the Regulatory Council.

Cocoa from Patanemo

A study by engineer Gladys Ramos published in Intercocoa showed that the Patanemo cocoa bean has characteristics of high Trinitarian genetics and medium Creole descent with 20% white beans, due to hybridization and the quality standard that it constitutes.

Likewise, the soil and climate conditions of the area, as well as the xerophytic vegetation and the fauna of birds such as the flamingo, characterize and shape the flavor attributes of Patanemo cocoa products, giving this grain intense attributes of cinnamon. , the aromatics of the species and the soft ones of herbs, flowers, rain and wet earth, InterCacao refers.

In Patanemo there are between 25 and 30 cocoa producers, most of them from the sector as well as Andean farmers who have been working in the field for 20 years.

In general, their work is carried out with the participation of the entire family group, where each one contributes and performs their function, not only in the collection and post-harvest process of the fruit, but also in craftsmanship with the preparation of punches, sweets and panelas. that allow you to acquire an income and continue with the legacy of your ancestors.

Within cocoa production, to date, the SAPI has granted Designation of Origin only to cocoa from Chuao, from the state of Aragua; a Protected Geographical Indication for cocoa from Carenero, in Miranda, and another for cocoa from caripito, in Monagas.

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