At 46 years old, Nucita brings her flavor in various presentations


This famous Venezuelan brand of hazelnut chocolate cream has innovated in recent years the ways to enjoy its flavor.

In spread, ice cream, topping, powder for confectionery and mix to make pancakes, La Nucita celebrated its 2022 years in the Venezuelan market in 46 with different presentations to maintain its flavor in the snack of Venezuelan families.

In 1976, the Sindoni Family began manufacturing this spreadable chocolate and hazelnut cream together with the famous chocolate-filled wafers. lollipop with its Nucita Venezolana candy factory located in Magdaleno, in the state of Aragua.

But years later, with the internalization of Nucita from the Dominican Republic, the company Shrouds turned around by changing the ways of bringing the flavor of this product to the table of Venezuelans, which in the beginning was only purchased in spreadable form and in presentations in glass cups, small glasses and plastic trays to be devoured with a pallet and tubes .

And one of the most innovative ways to bring the flavor of the Nucita was in ice cream. With the collaboration of the ice cream brand Tío Rico, Sindoni adapted the flavor of his Nucita hazelnut and chocolate cream into a cold dessert.

But not everything stopped there. An original way of bringing Nucita to a wide variety of desserts was by creating a cocoa powder for pastries with its flavor. With it we can taste the Nucita in cookies, cakes and other preparations.

Thus, innovating how to enjoy the flavor of Nucita in various ways, Sindoni created a topping and a mix to make pancakes.

The packaging also changes

As for the containers that contain this delicious spread, they have also undergone some transformations, especially for special occasions such as the tribute that Nucita paid this year to all the Venezuelan women who fight against breast cancer.

For them, Nucita launched a special pink edition of its spreadable cream. He painted the hazelnut cream pink, as well as the label on her bottle.

And for Christmas, Nucita launched a limited edition packaging decorated with the colors and figures of this season to give away.

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