British confectionery honored the new king with a chocolate bust

Juan Carlos III

The Celebrations candy brand recreated the face and part of the body of Juan Carlos III in milk chocolate as a tribute to his coronation.

The British brand of sweets and chocolates Celebrations produced a life-size bust of pure milk chocolate of King Juan Carlos III as a tribute to his coronation.

“The sculpture took four weeks to create and weighs over 23 pounds! -That is the equivalent of 2 thousand 875 individual Celebrations chocolates- ”, the company published on its Instagram account.

Chocolatier chef Jennifer Lindsey-Clarke was commissioned to create this piece together with a team of sculptors and chocolatiers.

According to a press release from Celebrations, the pieces decorating the shoulder portion of the King's uniform were modeled after Twix, Milky Way, Galaxy and Bounty bonbons, and his collar was made from Maltesers Teasers.

Likewise, each of the Celebrations chocolates, including Snickers, were used to recreate the medals on his chest.

This chocolate bust will be exhibited in the city of Slough, in the south-east of England, at the headquarters of Mars Wrigley UK, the company that owns the Celebrations brand.

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