Get to know Rubí chocolate, the fourth type in the world

Ruby Cocoa

It is made with Rubí cocoa almonds, a variety that is only produced in Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast, which gives the chocolate bars a pink color.

In 2017, the Belgian chocolate house Callebaut presented a new type of chocolate made with natural ingredients in Shanghai: Ruby, immediately including it in the reduced typification of the also known food of the gods, in which for more than a century only the dark, milk and white.

This chocolate, which is characterized by its natural pink color and intense fruity, fresh and acid notes, is made with selected Rubí cocoa beans, a variety that is only produced in Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast.

Its discovery occurred at the Jacobs University of Breman, in Germany, with the support of Callebaut.

After several years of research, they found that special components that occur naturally in the Rubí cacao bean produce a chocolate pink in color and fruity flavor.

In addition to Callebaut, well-known international brands of products made with chocolate such as KiKat and Magnum have experimented with this pink chocolate.

Magnum developed for Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, among other countries, a new limited recipe for its traditional palette with chocolate, to which they added rosé, made with Rubí cocoa.

While the transnational Nestlé created for its market in South Korea and Japan an edition of its crunchy KitKat biscuit covered with pink chocolate.

"We have launched the world's first #KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby in #Japan and #Korea, a new product made from the natural Ruby cocoa bean with a characteristic pink color," this brand posted on its Instagram account.

Research by chocolatier chefs has found that the flavor and aroma of Ruby chocolate pairs well with rosé champagne, Belgian cherry beer, salted caramels and blue cheese.

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