Meet the first cocoa-free Easter chocolate egg

Chocolate egg without cocoa

It was made by the London company WNWN Food Labs, the first to make chocolate bars made with other ingredients that give it the flavor and smell that cocoa originates.

The London company WNWN Food Labs, which in May 2022 became the first manufacturer of chocolate bars without cocoa or milk, created a chocolate egg with its cocoa substitute formula to celebrate this Easter Sunday.

“Introducing… The World's First Cocoa Free Chocolate Easter Egg! We call it the Wegg”, this London food company published on its Instagram account.

This egg, which will be raffled among the followers of WNWN Food Labs, is filled with cocoa-free chocolate.

WNWN Food Labs

WNWN Food Labs is a London company founded in 2020 that uses technology to transform plant-based ingredients "into ethical, sustainable and high-value delights."

Its purpose is to create ingredients where food producers, consumers and the environment win, "with widely available ingredients and production methods that do not require regulatory approval or expensive platforms," ​​says the London company.

Their chocolate bars, according to this company, smell, taste, melt, break, and bake like they have cocoa in them. They are also free of dairy, palm oil, caffeine, gluten, and have less sugar than other similar products.

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