Get to know the best artisan chocolate shop in the US

chocolate shop

It is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and this year it was ranked first on the USA Today's “Ten Best” list.

USA Today readers and editors chose the bean to bar chocolate shop this year piety and desire, by Christopher Nobles, as the best in the United States.

And there are many reasons for this choice. Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, this chocolate shop, where they make their own chocolate with seeds from different cocoa-producing countries, is a style of chocolate café where, in addition to serving hot chocolate in a cup at their bar, they offer a variety of ice creams, chocolate and coffee drinks.

The affogato, a typical Italian drink of hot espresso poured over ice cream; the “cioccogato”, an invention of Nobles where chocolate is placed on ice cream; and the "cocoa juice", a drink made with the cocoa mucilage, the pulp that surrounds the seeds of this fruit, which is foamy, smooth, sweet and creamy, are some of its most famous varieties of drinks.

Likewise, one of its greatest attractions is its refrigerated display case full of collections of chocolates of different colors and shapes, described by gastronomic journalists as true jewels.

As for its atmosphere, this place, which used to be a bar, still retains some of its old furniture such as engraved mirrors and a long mahogany slab covered with stools at the front that immerses its clientele in another era of the humanity.

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