Meet the first dark chocolate tablet with mucilage

chocolate with mucilage

It is made by the Spanish bean to bar chocolate house Kankel Cacao.

The Spanish chocolate house bean to bar kankel Cacao launched this year a dark chocolate tablet with mucilage, which is the pulp that covers the cocoa bean, whose fruity flavor varies between acid and sweet.

“We combine cacao of the Trinidadian variety, fermented in great detail, in order to express all the flavor of the area and the territory. By adding the mucilage, that layer that protects the freeze-dried cocoa bean, we achieve a refreshing acidity that fills our mouths with umami, fruity intensity, woody with nutty notes," the fine artisan chocolate shop posted on its Instagram account.

This dark chocolate tablet is made with cocoa paquibato, originally from the Philippines, which is characterized by a fresh fruity acidity, by the sweetness of yellow, tropical fruits and toasted nuts.

Paquibato cocoa is grown in the Davao region, on the Philippine island of Mindanao. This area accounts for 80% of the total cocoa production in the Philippines.

The cocoa mucilage

Cocoa pods contain between 20 and 40 seeds, each about 2,5 cm long, which are covered by a sweet and sour pulp that can be white or cream in color called mucilage.

The mucilage of Criollo cocoas is characterized by its sweet floral aromas and flavors, while that of Trinidadians has a flavor reminiscent of soursop.

In the country's cocoa towns such as the coastal Chuao, they use the mucilage to prepare jams and other sweets that are loved by the locals.

In Spain, the Madrid chocolate house Cacao en Joke Last year he brought out a creamy mucilage-flavored ice cream.

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