Get to know the most famous chocolate cheesecakes in Caracas

Chocolate cheesecake

Every July 30, the world honors the creation of this delicious cheesecake, which with chocolate is one of the favorites.

All over the world, Cheesecake Day is celebrated every July 30, a tribute paid to this delicious cheesecake of Greek origin that fascinates many.

The cheesecake is a dessert that became very popular from the XNUMXth century in the United States and is made from ricotta (cottage cheese), quark cheese, sugar and other ingredients such as eggs, milk or cream, flour, potato, almonds. or fruits (lemons or oranges, etc.).

In Caracas there are many pastry shops where we can get these delicacies, but nothing like the two most famous that we are going to show you:

Cheesecake Caracas

Cheesecake Caracas is a cheesecake venture based in Caracas, where you will get this delicious dessert covered in different flavors, including a touch of chocolate such as Nutella and Oreo.

Canel Restaurant

Canel Restaurante, with three points in Caracas: Las Mercedes, La Castellana, El Rosal and La Florida, is a food establishment that has become famous for its cheesecake.

Here you will find the largest variety of cheesecake, among them, those with chocolate flavor, such as the Oreo and Ovomaltina Marquise, the Cookies & Cream, the Brownieholic, the Nutella Marquise, the Triple Chocolate, the Ferrero Rocher, the Nutella and the Choco Peanut.

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