The world's largest box of chocolates is created in the US

Guinness record

The American chocolate company Russell Stover obtained the Guinness Record in April for this creation of more than two tons that it made for its hundredth anniversary.

The American chocolate house Russell Stover celebrated its 100 years of operations with the creation of the world's largest box of chocolates, which was certified by the Guinness Record organization.

Unveiled in Kansas City, Missouri, this box of multi-flavored chocolates weighed 2.547,50 lbs (5.616,27 kg) and measured 9,27 ft x 4,69. 0,47 feet x 30,43 feet).

To reach the minimum weight required to break the record, Russell Stover used a total of 205 giant pieces of chocolate that were manufactured in the company's plants, said a Guinness Record press release.

And he added that each piece of chocolate was weighed during the official attempt. The smallest ones weighed around 4,53 kg (10 lbs), while some of the largest reached over 16 kg (35 lbs).

In addition, 679,5 kg (1498 lb) of full-size chocolate covered almonds were included.

A team of three food inspectors oversaw the entire process to ensure all food safety guidelines were followed.

This box, on which a total of 600 designers, engineers and artisans worked for more than 20 hours, was inspired by the brand's standard 266,48-gram (9,4-ounce) assorted chocolates, one of its most popular products. classics.

Russell Stover is a confectionery company that makes a wide variety of chocolate products.

The record to be broken was 1690 kg (3725 lb), which had been set by Thorntons and Russell Beck Studios, in Bethnal Green, London, UK, on ​​April 2, 2008.

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