They create wrappers with the shell of the cocoa bean

cocoa shells

These packages, made by Spanish researchers, will be used by chocolate brands made in the Ecuadorian province of Esmeralda.

Researchers from the Institute of Subtropical and Mediterranean Horticulture "The Majority", from Malaga Spain, together with chocolatiers from the province of Esmeraldas, in Ecuador, created wrappers with cocoa shell waste.

"Cocoa wrappers are produced from cocoa shell waste, with added value, where local women from the province of Ecuador are involved to produce them," reported the specialized food industry portal The Food Tech.

The cocoa shell is a by-product that is used in the plantations of this fruit to protect the trees from soil fungi, however, there are so many shells that are generated that a significant amount ends up being discarded.

Therefore, this proposal to make wrappers for products made with cocoa with the cocoa shell will also help to reduce the amount of waste generated in the cocoa agro-industry.

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  • Good morning!! What joy overwhelms me every time I find out about the beneficial use that cocoa can be given

    • Regards, Judith. The note has a post from the Instagram account of the Spanish research institute that created this wrapper from the cocoa shell, you could try to contact them through that social network.

  • Good evening, excellent news in cacao la juaca, we apply the circular economy by reusing the bean husk after roasting in organic fertilizer. I would like to learn how to reuse the husk of the cob, either in the shell or in the results of the investigation, how to access a course

    • Hello! The research was carried out in Spain and is being applied in Ecuador. Embedded in the note is a post from the Instagram account of the Spanish research institute where he could write. Greetings!

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