Cri Cri´of Savoy is over 40 years old and never goes out of style

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This milk chocolate and puffed rice bar was included in the list of the 33 candy delights of the world of the American newspaper The New York Times.

At least four generations of Venezuelans continue to enjoy one of our country's most famous creations, the Cri Cri, a bar of milk chocolate and rice toast that crunches in the mouth with every bite.

For the school snack, or a simple craving, this chocolate bar that is available in two presentations, one of 27 grams and another of 123 grams, was included in the list of the 33 candy delights in the world made by the newspaper American The New York Times in 2018.

Cri cri, a 100% Venezuelan chocolate

Although there are no precise dates, this milk chocolate bar with puffed rice, made with Venezuelan cocoa, first came onto the market in the XNUMXs, but in the XNUMXs it began to be known as Cri Cri.

Its creators were the founders of the brand Savoy, the Austrian brothers Rodolfo, Roberto and Fernando Beer, who arrived in Venezuela at the beginning of the XNUMXs, fleeing from the war in Europe.

And although in 1988 this company passed into the hands of the transnational Nestlé, some of its star products, such as Cri Cri, have managed to last over time, and even be an inspiration for new creations, such as the milk chocolate and puffed rice bar. Crunch, made by this multinational in the nineties.

In 1994 this chocolate bar with puffed rice, the same Cri Cri recipe, was the best-selling in the US.

According to this same company, in 1994, Nestlé Crunch was the best-selling chocolate bar in the United States.

Likewise, in Venezuela, Nestlé Savoy also brought out a version of Cri Cri called Cri Cri Crisp, a crunchy wafer or biscuit covered in chocolate and puffed rice.

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