Crustissimo launched its own panettone with Chocolates El Rey

Chocolate Panettone

This Venezuelan brand of sliced ​​bread will be present on the Venezuelan Christmas table with this famous Italian sweet flavored with Venezuela.

The Crustissimo sliced ​​bread brand launched a panettone this Christmas in which one of the most typical flavors of our country is present: cocoa.

And it is that this company allied with Chocolates El Rey to make a delicious chocolate panettone with pieces of milk chocolate and nuts.

"The soft and chocolatey dough of our Panettone (made with pure Criollo chocolate, mixed with milk chocolate and a touch of nuts) is perfect to star in and sweeten the moment of hugs, reunions and family anecdotes," this bread brand wrote in your Instagram account.

For its part, Chocolates El Rey published on its Instagram account that the Crustissimo panettone "wonderfully combines Italian tradition with Venezuelan cocoa,"

And he stressed that this panettone is distinguished by including nuts, a recipe "unusual in similar products made in our country."

Panettone with fruits

In addition to this chocolate panettone, Crustissimo also made another one with fruit, to offer more flavors for this Christmas.

"The perfect definition of our fruit Panettone Crustissimo is its combination of citrus flavors, which make it a spongy bread and ideal to accompany with coffee during a December afternoon," the sliced ​​bread factory published on its Instagram account.

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