What is your favorite scoop of chocolate flavored ice cream?

International Ice Cream Day

This week International Ice Cream Day was celebrated and, at Puro Chocolate, we took a tour of the chocolate-flavored frozen balls with the most presence in the refrigerators of supermarkets in our country.

International Chocolate Day is celebrated on April 12 and, in order not to miss this tribute to one of the most famous desserts in the world, we decided to go through the most famous chocolate flavors that we find in the refrigerators of supermarkets in our country.

EFE chocolate ice cream

Helados EFE is a Venezuelan ice cream brand founded in Caracas on May 8, 1926 and which is currently part of Alimentos Polar, one of the subsidiaries of Empresas Polar.

Its classic chocolate-flavored ice cream can be purchased in a small or large individual container, or a large size with ice cream or accompanied by strawberry and ice cream.

This creamy ice cream is traditionally available in supermarkets, as is the chocolate flavor of the star sweet product from Empresas Polar: Toddy.

However, in EFE ice cream parlors, located in shopping centers in the country, you can find ice cream with special chocolate flavors such as chocolate brownie, tiramisu, cookies and cream.

Tío Rico Chocolate Ice Cream

In Venezuela, the international ice cream brand Heartbrand, belonging to the British multinational Unilever, is known as Tío Rico.

Its classic chocolate ball in a large takeaway container has been kept over time by sharing the fridge with the original flavors of Nucita, Pirulin and Oreo, and the famous chocolate ice cream carts that are so popular such as the Bom Bom and the Sandwich.

Chocolate ice cream from Argentina

Helados La Argentina is a Venezuelan factory of creamy ice creams of different flavors, but that delights with its chocolate, which you can find alone or with peanuts and chocolate syrup.

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