How much cocoa does a bar have to have to be chocolate?


In the candy market there are varieties of bars made with cocoa, but not all of them are chocolate... Find out why.

For a chocolate bar to be considered as such, it must contain at least 35% cocoa.

The chocolate bar is made mainly with cocoa liquor and cocoa butter, and other ingredients such as sugar, milk and essences.

The first chocolate bars made in the world had an approximate proportion of 50% cocoa liquor and 50% sugar, which were flavored with vanilla and cinnamon, although they were not considered delicious snacks.

More than a century later, after its discovery by the Dutch chocolatier Conrad van Houten, it is added to the tablet of chocolate cocoa butter, which gives it a better texture and flavor, similar to what we know today.

But it is thanks to the Swiss businessman and chocolatier Daniel Peter, who at the end of the XNUMXth century, after several experiments, managed to put leheto the chocolate bar, an ingredient that gave it a better flavor, by reducing the natural astringency of cocoa.

The three types of chocolate

The three types of chocolate that are commonly known owe their name to the cocoa content they have and to their combination with certain raw materials.

Dark chocolate

This type of chocolate is made up of a mixture of cocoa liquor with sugar or another sweetener.

There are several presentations that range mostly between 45% and 70% cocoa content, with a minimum base of 25% cocoa butter.

However, you can see on the market dark chocolate bars with more than 80% cocoa, and even 100% of cocoa content, without any other type of ingredient.

Milk chocolate

Almost all chocolate produced in the world contains milk, as it gives it a smoother texture and flavor.

In this case, part of the cocoa liquor is replaced by milk solids, and they can be made with both powdered milk and sweetened condensed milk.

The percentage of cocoa in these chocolate bars also varies, and many can have less than 35% cocoa, being considered by experts as candy.

White chocolate

This chocolate bar is not chocolate, because it does not contain cocoa liquor.

It is made with cocoa butter, sugar and milk solids, which is why it does not have the brown color that characterizes roasted cocoa beans.

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