Dacao put strawberry and pineapple in a new chocolate bar


This Venezuelan chocolate house was recognized in 2022 for its dark chocolate bar with Ron Carúpano 6 Special Reserve.

The bean to bar chocolate brand Dacao released a new tablet with strawberry and pineapple, a flavor that adds to its renowned bars with rum and unique origins of cocoa from Aragua state.

“Enjoy the perfect harmony between the delicious chocolate and the exotic flavors of strawberry and pineapple. Each bite will transport you to a world of pleasure and freshness”, this chocolate house published on its Instagram account.

Dacao is an artisan chocolate factory that makes bars with cocoa from Aragua and Sur del Lago, which began operations in July 2019.

Its first tablets were a blend with three origins: Cata, Cuyagua and Ocumare; and a single origin: Cuyagua.

In 2022, its 70% cocoa dark chocolate tablet Ocumare flavored with Ron Carúpano 6 Reserva Especial won third prize in the category of best bar with natural infusions at the I  National Chocolate Contest.

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