Darïku joins the pink month with a special tablet

Pink Month

To join the breast cancer awareness month, this brand created a bar with ingredients that paint it pink.

For this month of October, pink month in solidarity with those who have lived very close to the onslaught of breast cancer, the Darïku chocolate house has produced a special edition pink tablet that can be purchased throughout the country.

This bar, which comes in two presentations, one of 70 grams and another of 8 grams, is made with Choroní cocoa butter and two natural ingredients produced in the orchard of this artisan chocolate shop that give it its pink color.

"Another of the sustainable chocolates created by El Charal shades the pale pink color resulting from the combination of cocoa butter, Jamaican rose and Volkameriana lemon," this chocolate house published on its Instagram social network account.

And he added that the mixture of these ingredients, together with a small percentage of Choroní paper, offers the palate a divine acidity and a fresh fruity aroma that is not cloying.

This pink chocolate bar, which can also be found at the Duo cafeteria in Maracay, Aragua state, joins the colorful collection of chocolate bars made with Choroní cocoa from the Darïku brand.

Among them is the famous color green, made with Choroní cocoa butter, herbs and spices; the yellow one, made with cocoa butter, turmeric and spices; and the brown one, the chocolate 75% cocoa Choroni.

The DUO cafeteria joins the pink month with this special bar.

This chocolate house also produces an 80% cocoa chocolate tablet sweetened with stevia, in presentations of 70, 110 and 250 grams; another of 70% chocolate Chuao cocoa and spices of 70 grams.

As well as its exclusive Custom, which is a personalized hand-painted tablet of 70, 110 and 250 grams; and Intervenido, which are chocolate bars with various percentages of nuts or dehydrated fruits.

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