Darïku brings a new tablet: a cocoa blend from Aragua


This chocolate house united in a single bar the best cocoa beans from the coastal towns of Choroní, Chuao and Ocumare.

The Venezuelan artisan chocolate brand Darïku closed this 2022 with the launch of a 55% cocoa tablet from different seeds produced in Aragua.

Blend 55 is a milk chocolate bar made with a mixture of selected Choroní, Chuao and Ocumare beans.

"For lovers of milk chocolate, we make a 55% cocoa BLEND chocolate, a mixture of selected cocoa beans from Choroní, Chuao and Ocumare, 70g of the best Venezuelan chocolate," this Choroní chocolate house published on its Twitter account. Instagram.

The Venezuelan chocolate brand Darïku, with six years in the national market, is characterized by its concept of square chocolate tablets produced with organic raw materials from the state of Aragua.

On his El Charal farm, located 10 kilometers from the town of Choroní, in the state of Aragua, he grows part of the ingredients that he adds to his dark and white chocolate bars, giving them a unique and special flavor.

One of their most famous bars is the green one, flavored with herbs and spices grown organically at the Darïku operations center.

Likewise, this chocolate brand has in its line of bars a special one with ancestral cocoa from Choroní that is characterized by providing the original flavor of this fruit.

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