From Totona? Black Kiss? What do these chocolates taste like?

Black Kiss Bombshell

The artisan chocolate house Cocoa, in Puerto Cabello, makes fun chocolates with unimaginable names and flavors.

Two flavors of chocolates that you would surely have never imagined could exist are found in the Buenos Aires brand Chocolates Cocoa: the Totona chocolate and the Beso Negro chocolate, but do you know why they are called that?

These chocolates really do not know the colloquial meaning that has been given to these words in our country.

The Black Kiss is a delicious heart-shaped bonbon made with dark chocolate and filled with a cream of cocoa and Venezuelan rum, which only bears that name to make the experience of trying the flavors of this brand of chocolate from Carabobo fun.

“Each of our chocolates has a story or an anecdote and without a doubt this dark chocolate chocolate filled with rum, Beso Negro, is one of the funniest. Would you like to try one of our Black Kisses? ”, Says the chocolate house on its Instagram account.

While the one from Totona is nothing more than a milk chocolate bonbon filled with orange cream and candied orange, just like the flavors of a famous typical Venezuelan dessert during the colonial era that bore its name, and which Chocolates Cocoa recounts as an anecdote of this flavor:

“Perhaps you know the word totona, but do you know what its origin is?

The totona candy was a typical dessert in colonial times, made from grapefruit, orange and cream.

He was the favorite of the teacher Andrés Bello, who also liked his maid Mathilde (Dutch, 21 years old and green eyes).

They had their code words so no one would suspect.

At the Bello's house you could hear: “Mathilde, today I want Totona”.

It didn't take long for the rest of the servants to understand the key, so the word changed meaning.

And you, do you also want your sweet from Totona?

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