Delirio Chocolate received 4 nominations at the Chocolate Awards

Chocolate Delirium

This Venezuelan chocolate house of Margarita origin competes in the categories of dark chocolate bars of origin, milk, infusion and with inclusions.

The Margarita artisanal chocolate brand Delirio obtained four nominations at the International Chocolate Awards.

“We repeat the nominations for the awards we won in the National Chocolate Contest July 2022,” the chocolate chef and creator of this brand, Fredmerys Plaza, said excitedly in a video posted on Instagram.

And in a preview, the Chocolate Awards announced on its official website the nominees in the 2023 Artisanal Chocolatiers and Bean-to-Bar Contest of the Americas. On Saturday, September 9, the winners will be announced.

The Delirio brand is on the list of companies from the south, center and north of the American continent that reached the finalist round of the Grand Jury in the categories of original dark chocolate bars, milk chocolate bars, infused chocolate bars and chocolate bars with inclusions.

In July 2022, this chocolate house was awarded in two categories of the I National Chocolate Contest: in the category of bars of dark chocolate origin, in which it obtained first and second place; and in the milk chocolate bars category, in which it achieved second place.

“Officially Margarita has the best dark chocolate in Venezuela,” the chocolate maker posted on her Instagram stories after knowing the results of this contest.

International Chocolate Awards

The International Chocolate Awards are an independent competition that recognizes excellence in the manufacture of bars and products made with fine chocolate, whose objective is to support the companies and chocolatiers that produce them and chocolatiers.

By helping these markets grow and develop, they also seek to support farmers who grow fine cocoa.

The awards were founded in 2012 and are run by a group of independent international partners based in the UK, Italy and the US with years of experience in chocolate tasting and judging and in organizing fine chocolate related events. .

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