Delirio won three bronze medals at the Chocolate Awards

Chocolate Delirium

Its 65% Carenero dark chocolate bars and 54% Carenero milk chocolate bars, which won gold and silver in the I National Chocolate Contest 2022, were two of the winners.

The Margarita artisanal chocolate brand Delirio won three bronze medals in the 2023 Artisanal Chocolatiers and Bean-to-Bar Competition of the Americas, of the International Chocolate Awards.

Of its four nominations announced, this chocolate house won with its 65% Carenero dark chocolate bars, 54% Carenero cocoa milk chocolate, and 65% cocoa orange-infused milk chocolate.

“It is a triumph for Venezuelan cocoa, for my main ally who is the cocoa farmer who makes magic with the cocoa and delivers it to me 50% ready for the magic to happen,” Fredmerys Plaza, creator of the Delirio brand, told Puro Chocolate. .

In July 2022, Delirio was awarded in two categories of the I National Chocolate Competition: in the category of bars of dark chocolate origin, in which it obtained first place with its Carenero 65% cocoa dark chocolate bar and second place with its dark chocolate bar El Negrito de Sucre; and in the milk chocolate bars category, in which she achieved second place with her 54% Carenero dark milk bar.

Chocolate Awards

This year only two Venezuelan chocolate houses were nominated in the Artisanal and Bean-to-Bar Chocolatiers of the Americas Competition, of the International Chocolate Awards.

The 20/20 brand from Puerto Cabello obtained a nomination in the source dark chocolate bars category.

In 2022 the chocolate makers Divine Inheritance, Franceschi and 20/20 They obtained recognition in this competition.

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