Discover the most delicious chocolate bars with pistachio


For World Pistachio Day, at Puro Chocolate we did a search for the most famous pistachio chocolate bars in the world.

World Pistachio Day is celebrated every February 26, a holiday that originated in the United States to highlight the flavor and properties of this delicious nut.

And since pistachio combines so well with chocolate, at Puro Chocolate we searched for the most famous pistachio bars in the world… And we found these:

The 72% cocoa chocolate bar with pistachio from Patrimonio Cacao

The 72% cocoa chocolate tablet with pistachio Cocoa Heritage It is a product of the Ecuadorian brand Martinetti-Cocoa.

This bar is made with Nacional Arriba cacao, which is a rare variety of cacao bean found in areas of South America such as Ecuador and Peru.​​

It is a cocoa that has a designation of origin that is characterized by having a very short fermentation and giving a smooth chocolate with a good flavor and aroma.

This variety is internationally recognized with the classification of "Fine Aroma Cocoa".

The Utopick pistachio chocolate bar

Utopick's Pistachio Chocolate Bar is a delicious dark bar with pieces of salted pistachio.

This Spanish brand of chocolates, directed by the master chocolatier Paco Llopis and the artist and designer Juana Rojas, prepares original recipes in tablet form with original chocolates.

Venchi's pistachio chocolate bar

The Italian ice cream and chocolate brand Venchi stands out for its wide variety of pistachio chocolate bars.

This delicious fruit can be savored whole and toasted in its tablets, as well as slightly salted or in the form of a creamy paste.

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