Dior joined the Easter celebration with chocolate dresses


French chef Jean Imbert recreated the most emblematic designs of the French haute couture house with pure chocolate.

The French haute couture house Dior and the French chef Jean Imbert teamed up this Easter to recreate three of the most emblematic dresses of this clothing and accessories brand with chocolate.

“If you too are a gourmet like Monsieur Dior, be sure to visit the Pâtisserie du 30 Montaigne (Paris) this Easter season and delight in the chocolate recreations of the House's most emblematic silhouettes, conceived by Jean Imbert,” he wrote. the haute couture house on his Instagram account.

And it is that the famous French chef paid an exquisite tribute to the late designer Christian Dior this Easter season with the creation of three of his most emblematic models, among which are the applauded Junon, considered one of the late dressmaker's masterpieces and the Tourbillon, made in 1957.

These original creations of haute couture chocolate dresses required more than ten hours of manual labor according to their author, chef Imbert.

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