Domori makes chocolates with cocoa from his plantation in Venezuela

Domori Chocolates

This Italian chocolatier grows its own Creole cocoa, of the Guasare variety, in our country to make its fine dark chocolate bars at its factory in None, near Turin.

The Italian chocolate house sleep, with more than twenty years producing fine chocolate tablets with Creole cocoa, has been cultivated since 2002 in Venezuela, in the area of Sur del Lago, its own Guasare variety of this fruit, with which it makes one of its exclusive 50-gram chocolate bars from its Monovarietales Criollos line.

The Guasare Creole cocoa variety is produced in the Sur del Lago region.

In addition to the Criollo 70% Guasare chocolate bar, Domori chocolates produced the Criollo 70% Porcelana and Criollo 70% Chuao chocolate bars for this limited edition collection.

The Monovarietal Criollo line of chocolate bars is a limited edition.

Tablet of Creole chocolate 70% Guasare

Guasare Criollo cocoa is a very rare variety, and considered by some experts to be the mother of all Criollo cocoas.

Chocolates Domori has its own plantation in Venezuela, in the Sur del Lago region, with which it has been made, in Italy, part of its large chocolate production for 20 years.

Among chocolate connoisseurs, this bar made with Guasare cocoa is known for its finesse and aromatic characteristics: notes of almond, caramel, old rose and cream. Without acidity, it has great sweetness and roundness.

This 50-gram bar of chocolate is priced in Italy at €10,23.

The Guasare chocolate bar from Domori's Monovarietal Criollos line.

Tablet of Creole chocolate 70% Porcelain

Porcelana Creole cocoa, which is produced in the Sur del Lago region, is a prized variety whose name derives from the color of the seeds of its fruits, which are reminiscent of porcelain.

Its fragile and very delicate plant makes it one of the finest cocoas in the world.

This tablet has notes of hazelnut, cream, vanilla, bread crust, naturally free of acidity and characterized by great sweetness and roundness, privileged characteristics of the Creole varietal.

This 50-gram chocolate bar is priced in Italy at €10,23.

The Porcelain chocolate bar from Domori's Monovarietal Criollos line.

Tablet of Creole chocolate 70% Chuao

Chuao Creole cocoa takes its name from the Estate where it is produced.

The beans of this variety, which is one of the most sought after by chocolate connoisseurs and fans around the world, are completely white and give the chocolate an incredible sweetness and a completely natural roundness.

The 50g Chuao Domori bar, priced in Italy at €10,23, is made with 70% cocoa mass and 30% brown sugar.

And it is characterized by notes of hazelnut, dulce de leche, lucuma and mamey with a slight acidity, great sweetness and roundness.

The Chuao chocolate bar from Domori's Monovarietal Criollos line.

More varieties of Venezuelan Creole cocoa

Chocolates Domori also works with other varieties of Venezuelan cocoa to make its fine products, such as Ocumare, with which it made Ocumare 77, Canoabo and Sur del Lago chocolate.

Ocumare 77 chocolate is made from cocoa beans from Ocumare, Aragua state, and is rich in notes of apricot jam, milk cream and fresh fruit.

While this Canoabo cocoa chocolate bar, from Carabobo state, has notes of milk cream, dates and almonds, to dream of distant lands.

And the Sur del Lago chocolate bar, a territory that includes part of the states Zulia, Mérida, Táchira and Trujillo where Sur del Lago Creole cocoa is produced, stands out for its fruity and floral notes.

The Creole cocoa of Domori chocolates

This Italian chocolate house not only grows its own Creole cocoa in Venezuela, it also has a plantation in Ecuador and also acquires this raw material through different providers of Trinitarian and Creole cocoa in nine countries: Peru, Colombia, Madagascar, Venezuela, Tanzania, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Brazil and Cameroon.

Hacienda San José, owned by the Franceschi chocolate family, is one of the most important suppliers of Domori's Trinitarian cocoa.

About Chocolates Domori

Chocolates Domori is based in None, near Turin, where the production plant is located.

The chocolatier Gianluca Franzoni, its founder, had the idea of ​​creating this chocolate house after traveling to Venezuela in 1993, where he was fascinated by the cultivation of Creole cocoa and its final product, a fine aroma chocolate.

Since its inception in 1997, Domori has stood out for using only fine cocoa, focusing on high quality.

For this, it has been in charge of controlling the supply chain from the plantations, and in having its own.

This chocolate house was one of the first to make chocolate bars with 100% Creole cocoa.

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