The white that makes your mouth water: with sarapia and cloves

Chocolate with cloves and sarrapia

This combination from the Barlovento Petra artisan chocolate shop won second place in the best bar with natural flavors category of the 2022 National Chocolate Contest.

White chocolate could not have a better combination, that of the sarrapia, our tasty and aromatic Venezuelan vanilla, together with the clove, always present in the Creole candy store of our nation.

Recipe that came up with the Barlovento artisan chocolate house Petra, who played it with this balanced game of flavors in the National Chocolate Contest that took place during the Expoferia Cacao y Ron Miranda 2022.

For the origin chocolate category with natural flavors, the chocolate house Petra entered its still unknown white chocolate bars flavored with tassel and cloves, Prima; and milk chocolate flavored with lemon balm and toronjil, Cruzado, from its line of chocolates Culo e´puya, to compete.

Resulting to her surprise, winner of the second and first place in this category for these two delicacies; the first place for its white chocolate bar with sarrapia and cloves, and the second for the milk chocolate with lemon balm and sarrapia.

A sweet chocolate flavored with our nation

Prima's sensory experience is not for every diner. It is a sweet flavor and aroma that transports you to the Creole candy store of our nation.

The milk, the sugar, the fragrance of the sarrapia and the flavor of the cloves convert the sensation of this bar made with cocoa butter to that of a Creole dulce de leche with the best seasoning.

There is neither more nor less milk, neither sarapia nor cloves, its flavors and smells are perfect and balanced that are felt in unison in each taste of this chocolate with sarapia and cloves.

Petra Chocolate Shop

Petra is a chocolate house based in Barlovento, Miranda state, founded more than 20 years ago by Mrs. Petra Galarraga, decorated with the title of Living Cultural Heritage of the Miranda state, for her famous journey in the production of Creole sweets and chocolate balls. cocoa throughout his life.

His son Luis Alberto Brito Galarraga and his wife Greicy Muñoz are the ones who continue with this sweet work of Mrs. Petra, who passed away this 2022.

In addition to producing its original chocolate lines of 60%, 70% and 85% cocoa, with names such as Quitiplás, Golpe de Mina and Fulía, at Chocolates Petra they also plant and harvest cocoa for other chocolatiers in the country.

The National Venezuelan Chocolate Contest organized by the Government of Miranda summoned all the organizations, companies and chocolatiers of Venezuela with the aim of recognizing excellence in the production of chocolates with cocoa from different regions of the country and boosting the industry of the item.

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