Barinas cocoa is savored in Japan with Meiji Chocolate

Cocoa from Barinas

This Asian chocolate house makes its tablet of Venezuelan origin with cocoa beans from haciendas in Barinas that stand out for their nutty flavor.

Japanese bean to bar chocolate brand Meiji makes its chocolate bar from Venezuela with cocoa from Barinas.

“Venezuela is a country known as one of the world's leading producers of high-quality cocoa beans, and Meiji Chocolate uses cacao from Barinas, a cacao grown in rich soil where the sun shines.

Its characteristics are a nutty aroma and a deep roasted flavor that spreads in the mouth”, this chocolate house has published on its website.

Meiji's Venezuela Tablet

Meiji's Venezuelan chocolate bar stands out for the aroma and flavor of the unique dry fruits of the Barinas cocoa.

"At first it has a light nutty aroma that gradually feels like an apricot," says the company, adding that "it is wrapped in a pleasant fragrance at the end."

Meiji Chocolate

Meiji is a Japanese artisan chocolate maker that is involved from the cocoa bean to the bar.

And it is that in search of the best cocoa beans, since 2006 he travels around the world to find it, being Venezuela the first to visit for its fame on the continent of having the best.

Likewise, the Meiji brand is conceived as a specialty chocolate, not a candy for children, and its purpose is that its tablets be enjoyed for the origin of its cocoa beans, just as it is done with coffee, which is enjoyed according to the origin of its grains.

For this chocolate house it would be a satisfaction to create the "chocolate culture" in Japan.

This Venezuelan baseball legend is one of the main admirers of this chocolate house and its bar with Venezuelan cocoa.

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