Cocoa was one of the most exported products of Venezuela


Along with shellfish, wood, animal skin, aluminum and steel, this item was one of the sectors that generated the most income in 2022.

El cacao, its derivatives such as butter, cocoa liquor and chocolate, were part of the most exported products from Venezuela in 2022.

This was announced by the president of the Venezuelan Association of Exporters (AVEX), Ramón Goyo, who also pointed out that last year the export sector closed with a profit of 3 billion dollars.

In 2021, 1,614 billion dollars were registered due to the covid pandemic.

He also added that by 2023 the export sector is expected to grow by at least 20% in 2023.

According to the most recent figure from the OEC (The Observatory of Economic Complexity), in 2020, Venezuela exported $28,5M cocoa beans, becoming the 23rd exporter of cocoa beans in the world.

Also, in that same year, the cocoa bean became the 16th most exported product in Venezuela.

On the other hand, the main export destinations for cocoa beans from Venezuela were Japan ($6,42M), Indonesia ($5,73M), Malaysia ($3,26M), the Netherlands ($2,12M), and Canada ($2,08. XNUMXM).

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  • Could you inform me about the status of the export of cocoa and its derivatives, mainly cocoa liquor to Spain?

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