Venezuelan cocoa is enjoyed in Japan and Saudi Arabia with Sampaka

The finest flavor and aroma of our cocoa, one of the best in the world, parades through three Japanese cities and one in Saudi Arabia in dark chocolate bars made by this Spanish franchise with more than 20 years in the chocolate market.

The chain of cafeteria-style chocolate shops sampaka, based in Barcelona, ​​Spain, brings to Japan and Saudi Arabia the best cacao Venezuelan in its fine tablets of dark chocolate Origins with the franchise method.

From the collection of six dark chocolate bars Origins from Sampaka, two are made with pure cocoa from our country, one with 77% and the other with 86%. Its taste is bitter.

A third tablet of Orígenes dark chocolate is a mixture of Venezuelan and Ecuadorian cocoa, at 91%, with a bitter taste as well. These chocolates come in presentations of 100 grams and are priced at 4,90 euros per unit.

In a previous collection, Sampaka launched a bar of Venezuelan Orígenes 71% dark chocolate, with a representative image of the Hacienda wow, in Aragua, Venezuela.

Sampaka takes Venezuelan Cocoa to the world

With more than 20 years in the market, this Spanish chocolate shop has establishments in the Spanish cities of Barcelona and Madrid; the city of Al-Kobar, in Saudi Arabia, and the Japanese cities of Tokyo, Osaka and Kanazawa.

This chain of stores, which defines itself as a diffuser of the cocoa culture, makes its chocolates and chocolate bars by hand. From the selection of seeds of the cocoa fruit, until the presentation.

All the elaborations that they offer in their establishments, from chocolates, bars, cocoa-based drinks and various desserts, are made by themselves.

Its star products vary depending on the city where the store is located, although the ones that are most in demand are its white bars, roses and strawberries, gin and tonic milk chocolate and Aztec hot chocolate.

However, while in Spain Sampaka customers prefer the collection of chocolates with nuts, in Saudi Arabia the Leaves and Flowers collection is more in demand and in Japan Origins, in which the bars made with cocoa from our country stand out.

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