Caripito's chocolate in the sights of the world by Guinness Record

Guinness chocolate

This is the fourth time that Caripito has obtained a world record with chocolate. In 2015 he achieved it for the largest chocolate coin; in 2016 for the largest chocolate tasting; and in 2017 for the largest mosaic of chocolate bars in the world.

The cocoa and chocolate that is produced in the lands of Caripito, capital of the Bolívar municipality of Monagas state, are in the sights of the world with their new Guinness World Record with chocolate.

Last Sunday, April 17, the people of Caripiteño witnessed a new world brand with the chocolate that is produced with the cocoa from their land. A line of 4.289 bars of dark chocolate from the Chocopito brand, made with cocoa from Caripito, earned them the Guinness Record for being the longest in the world.

La Our Earth Foundation (Fundatierra) was in charge of organizing this feat. He submitted the application to Guinness World Records and prepared for four months to obtain it.

For the realization of this day there were two drills, one made on February 19 and another on March 12 of this same year.

the chocolate brand little chocolate (Chocolate de Caripito), produced by the Águeda de Méndez Chocolate and Business School, belonging to Fundatierra, was used to break the record for the longest line of chocolate bars in the world, which until now had 2.000 bars.

world brand day

On Sunday, April 17, very early in the morning, the organizers of the event, participants, and residents of Caripito approached Nueva Jerusalem Avenue to start the event.

The event was accompanied by the Caripito Symphony Orchestra, which performed the hymn to Chocolate minutes before the activity.

Pass the image so you can hear the anthem to Chocolate

In total, there were 607 people, with t-shirts that identified the event, who participated with the placement of the 4.289 chocolate bars, in more than 840 meters of a thin wooden board prepared for it; whose beginning was installed in the vicinity of the statue of the Liberator in Plaza Bolívar de Caripito, and the end reached the Plaza La Fe.

Those more than 4 thousand chocolate bars weighed a total of 800 kilos.

record obtained

Although for the president of Fundatierra and spokesperson for this feat, Leudys González, the achievement of this world record was a fact, she did not want to advance and waited for the Guinness organization to officially give the verdict.

Two days later, what was already known had happened was reported. In Caripito, a Guinness Record with chocolate was broken again, the fourth, for the longest line of chocolate bars in the world.

This chocolate brand is added to those achievements, also by Fundatierra, in 2015, for the largest chocolate coin in the world, which weighed 847 kilos; in 2016, for the largest tastiest in the world, which brought together 419 tasters; and, in 2017, for the world's largest mosaic of chocolate bars, which was 18.56 meters.

Fundatierra hopes that with these world brands, and with the title of Protected Geographical Indication granted to cocoa from Caripito, it will boost tourism in this town also known as the Jerusalem of Venezuela, for its religious fervor, and promote the production of cocoa and chocolate from quality inside and outside our borders.

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