Chocolate is taken in more than 12 ways in a Caracas chocolate shop

Hot chocolate

With passion fruit mousse, orange foam or cheese cake, these are some of the flavors that you will find in the Cakawa chocolate house.

The Caracas chocolate house Cava It has more than 12 ways to drink hot chocolate in a cup on its menu.

From the traditional cup of dark hot chocolate, to the most exotic combinations that result in unique flavors.

Here you can savor a cup of hot chocolate with mint liqueur, passion fruit mousse, chocolate mousse or orange foam.

As well as a cup of hot chocolate with cheese cake, spices, tahini, strawberry and whipped cream, ice cream, masala chai, salted caramel and almond praline.

You will also enjoy preparations that are only seen in coffee, such as chocolate latte or chocolate espresso.

The hot chocolate to the cup that is taken in Cava It does not contain milk or thickener, and it is made with pure chocolate made by this chocolate house obtained from cocoa from farms in San José de Barlovento, in the state of Miranda.

"It is a light chocolate, pure antioxidant, magnesium, iron, potassium and it gives you energy, strength," says the Caracas chocolate shop in an Instagram post, which has become the first hot chocolate bar in the country.

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