MaRussia's Venezuela chocolate tastes like Carenero Superior

This Russian bean-to-bar brand of chocolate makes bars of Venezuelan origin with this variety of cocoa grown in Barlovento.

The bars of Venezuelan origin from the Russian artisan chocolate house Marussia are made with one of the best cocoas from Barlovento, Carenero Superior.

And it is that this fine cocoa, and the special process that Marussia gives to the seed, results in premium chocolate bars, one of 70% cocoa and another of 85% cocoa, which stand out for their pronounced cocoa flavor with a smooth acidity and bitterness to dwarf orange and herbaceous plants.

As well as a soft note of papaya and mango, as described by this Russian chocolate house.

MaRussia Chocolates

Chocolates Marussia is a brand created in Russia by chocolate maker María Maiskaya, who started in this field more than a decade ago.

However, it was in 2013 that he plunged into the bean to bar world. “This theme was new, attractive with its darkness. There were no confectioners or chocolatiers dedicated to the bean to bar. Everything was just beginning! It was a trip into the unknown! ”, The chocolatier published on her Instagram account.

And it is that for Maiskaya making chocolate from the bean to the bar is "an entire art", from the choice of cocoa beans, the correct roasting of each batch, the conching and the control of the entire process.

“It is a pure composition, of which we are 100% sure: cocoa beans and cane sugar.

And now we are here with you. We talk about bean to bar, give lectures and tastings, participate in exhibitions and promote bean to bar culture in Russia”.

Their work has made it possible for this small artisanal chocolate company to obtain two bronze medals in the international Chocolate Awards competition in 2019 for its Cuba Baracoa and Tanzania 67% bars.

In addition, in 2020 he produced a limited edition of Sur de Lago cocoa chocolate bars with Kurt cheese, which he described as “pure delight and a creative flight of fantasy for aesthetes”.

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  • The result is wonderful, it is an extraordinary food for the good of humanity, many ways to prepare it and offer it to the most demanding audiences.

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