The best dark chocolate in Europe is made with Peruvian cocoa

Cocoa Chuncho

German brand Meybol Cacao's dark tablet won this year's Europe, Middle East and Africa Bean-to-Bar competition.

The German chocolate house bean to bar Meybol Cocoa, which makes its chocolates with cacao from Peru, won the award for best dark bar of origin in the 2023 Europe, Middle East and Africa Bean-to-Bar competition.

Its winning bar, the Solo Kakao 100%, is made with the Chuncho variety, originally from Cusco.

“Our Solo Kacao 100% chocolate is made exclusively from the rare Chuncho cacao variety, and is a true superfood. Due to its pure cocoa content, it is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, which contribute to cell protection and strengthen the nerves. We consider it one of our Single Plantation chocolates because the cocoa used in it comes from a single plantation in VRAEM, where we support farmers from planting to harvest and fermentation," the German company says on its Instagram account.

Cocoa Chuncho

Chuncho cocoa is a variety originally cultivated by the Matshiguengas indigenous people who inhabited the current region of Cusco.

This variety, which is still cultivated in the province of La Convención (Cusco), is in great demand by Peruvian and foreign chocolatiers for the production of fine chocolate bars, many of which have been winners of national and international awards.

In the Bean-to-Bar competition of Europe, the Middle East and Africa 2023, in addition to the Meybol Cacao brand, the also German Pure Peru, the Italian Karuna Chocolate y utopick they obtained several prizes for their tablets made with the Chuncho variety.

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