The best dark chocolate in Russia is made with Philippine cocoa

Paquibato Cocoa

Every year in the Eurasian country, the best dark chocolate made by Russian chocolatiers is awarded.

The 75% cocoa dark chocolate tablet from the Philippines, from the Russian chocolate house Sabor a Chocolate Puro, won first place in the 2022 Chocolate of the Year Award, a contest that takes place every year in the Eurasian country.

And it is that every year the KICH magazine, organizer of this award, evaluates the quality of the bean to bar chocolate tablets made by Russian chocolatiers.

This winning dark chocolate bar is made with the Paquibato cocoa variety, native to the Philippines and is characterized by a fresh fruity acidity, the sweetness of yellow, tropical fruits and toasted nuts.

Paquibato cocoa is grown in the Davao region, on the Philippine island of Mindanao. This area accounts for 80% of the total cocoa production in the Philippines.

The Paquibato farms are located near the Monte Apo National Park, which is home to a highly diverse flora and fauna where farmers cultivate cacao under forest cover or in association with coconut palms.

Pure Chocolate flavor

The chocolate house Sabor a Puro Chocolate, owned by the Russian chocolatier chef Dinara, makes mini square tablets of bean to bar chocolate with cocoa from at least 20 countries.

In their elaborations, the chocolate tablets made with cocoa from countries in Asia, Africa and America stand out, among them those made with the Venezuelan varieties Carenero Superior (Barlovento), Miel Dorado (Sur del Lago, Mérida) and Granja Santo Niño (Sur del Lake).

More Winning Dark Tablets

In this contest, the dark Madagascar 70% cocoa tablet from the chocolate house was also recognized alcacacau, which obtained silver, and dark Indonesian Java Light Breaking 73% cacao, from chocolate shop 3-6-9.

The Chocolate of the Year awards ceremony took place on April 13 and awards were given in five categories: dark, with milk, with alternative milk, with additives, and white.

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