The King celebrates his 93 years with his tablet with 56% cocoa milk

The King

For this occasion, this Venezuelan chocolate house brought out an elegant package that contains four bars of its traditional milk chocolate made with Carenero Superior.

Chocolates The King turns 93 years old and, for this occasion, it launched an elegant white package on the Venezuelan market, identified with its brand logo, which contains four bars of one of its reserves discounts, the milk chocolate 56% Carenero Superior cocoa.

Each of these tablets, which stand out for their unctuousness that enhances a long and delicate cocoa flavor in the mouth, are wrapped in a green design with the image of a king framed in cocoa pods, like the one made in the early years of this company.

El Rey's special reserves are made up of its San Joaquín Reserva Privada, Sur del Lago, Chocolate 56% and Criollo Centenario tablets.

Chocolates The King

This chocolate house, which was born in 1929 as the Foundation of Tuozzo Zozaya y Cía Venezuela, stood out from the beginning for the production of its fine chocolate called El Rey.

And the success of this bar was so great inside and outside the Venezuelan borders that, in 1973, after associating with the Redmond family, this company was renamed Chocolates El Rey.

This was the packaging of the first Chocolates El Rey tablets.

Years later, in 1995, this company became famous among chocolate chefs and culinary reporters from the United States and Europe with its Cocoa Route, which lasted a full week touring cocoa plantations, ending at the El Rey cocoa processing plant in Barquisimeto. .

Food journalist Miro Popic recalls in his book Comer en Venezuela an anecdote of these routes with the American writer Florence Braker, who fulfilled his wish to bathe in pure chocolate.

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