Rum is one of the flavors that best combines with chocolate

chocolate with rum

At least that is what the jury of the I National Chocolate Contest assured, after tasting the most original and delicious bars with natural infusions made in Venezuela that competed in this category.

Rum, one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in our country, is one of the flavors that best combines with chocolate, at least that is what the jury of the National Chocolate Contest, by awarding the third prize in the category of best bar with natural infusions to the tablet of the artisan chocolate brand Dacao.

This fine dark chocolate bar, made with 70% Ocumare cocoa, was flavored with Carúpano 6 Reserva Especial rum, achieving the perfect pairing by mixing the aromas and flavors of this drink (white flowers, caramel, molasses, raisins, dry fruits, salinity and wood), with the bitterness and smells and flavors of citrus fruits and flowers of the Ocumare cocoa.

Venezuelan flavored chocolate

Another delicious chocolate bar with a Venezuelan flavor (made with cocoa and Venezuelan rum) that we can find in our local market is a dark one with 60% cocoa from Cata and cocoa nibs, which close the sensory tasting with an explosive flavor in the mouth, of the Creole brand Sixocolate.

Although among Sixocolate's artisan products with rum and chocolate, its delicious chocolates filled with rum stand out, which with their softness and intense smell and flavor of chocolate and rum will make your mouth water with each bite to taste its flavor.

Rum for tastings with chocolate

In the world of chocolate, rum tastings are becoming more and more frequent. In Venezuela, in addition to having the best cocoa in the world, we can also boast of having the best rum.

In the Expoferia Cacao y Ron Miranda 2022 there were several tastings of chocolate with rum that were presented, such as the one made with the chocolatier's dark chocolate bars Emma Torrealba and milk chocolate from the Campanielli Cacao brand, which were mixed with two types of rum from the Ocumare brand, in a test for beginners to find out which combination was best.

Chocolate bars with rum in the world

Venezuela is not the only country where this delicious combination is made, there are other chocolate brands that are already experimenting with this flavor, such as the Swiss brand Goldkenn, with its 37% cocoa chocolate bar filled with Saint James rum. Or the German brand of chocolate Ritter Sport, with its milk chocolate bar flavored with Jamaican rum and raisins.

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