Swedish company creates a substitute for cocoa butter

Cocoa butter

CEBES™ Choco 15 is the name of a plant-based compound that gives chocolate shine and shape like cocoa butter does.

The Swedish vegetable fats and oils company AKK created a plant-based substitute for cocoa butter to make chocolate in its different presentations.

CEBES™ Choco 15 is the name of this product aimed at chocolatiers and confectioners looking for quality ingredients at a lower price.

"Our vegetable fat solutions for chocolate and confectionery are designed to complement, or even completely replace, cocoa butter in your recipes," AKK reports on its website.

Cocoa butter is a compound that is extracted from the bean of the cocoa pod that is used to give chocolate a better flavor and appearance.

This was discovered by the Dutch chocolatier Conrad van Houten in the mid-XNUMXth century, in his attempt to make a less heavy powdered chocolate to drink in a cup.

Chocolate without cocoa

With this substitute for cocoa butter, the company CFE joins other European companies that develop substitute products for this fruit to make chocolate.

The German food company Planet A Foods began producing a mix for making chocolate-flavored desserts for the confectionery market in Germany. no cocoa.

Like the London company WNWN Food Labs, which in 2022 became the first tablet manufacturer of chocolate No cocoa or milk.

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  • That would be great, but I think that making chocolate with the raw material, such as plant cocoa, I like Criollo cocoa better since it has more nutrients. I was born in Venezuela, where the finest aroma cocoa is

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